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Experience the best! Research based trademark food supplements made in Europe from branded & pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. We believe staying healthy shouldn’t be difficult, which is why we have combined the most potent plant extracts, scientific research and manufacturing process to design products that will benefit YOU in the best way possible. Place your order today!

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Every step in your wellness routine

Our carefully formulated ADVANCED NUTRITION series can be used together or on their own to target specific aspects of your health.  We are on a special mission to help you get healthy in the simplest way.

Digestion Complex

Daily digestion booster designed to maximize nutrient digestion & absorption, aid immune system, boost metabolism, support gastrointestinal health, reduce bloating & gas.†

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Beauty Complex

Advanced skin, joints & hair formula. Smooth, rejuvenated & hydrated skin, shiny hair & strong nails, healthy joints & connective tissue. Protects body cells from oxidative stress.†

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Smart Complex

Trademark brain & memory booster designed to enhance cognitive performance, focus, sharpen the mind, improve memory, decrease inflammation & anxiety.†

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Immunity Complex

Rich in growth factors, lactoferrin, antibodies, probiotics & natural digestive enzymes. Boost your immune system, gastrointestinal health & rebuild gut flora.†

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Introducing The New, Healthier YOU!

My Body

Our healthy body takes care of you and gives you energy. It also helps you feel good about yourself. Taking care of your body is easy with exercise, good diet & good sleep. Make this happen with our Digestion & Beauty Complex 💕

My Mind

Have you ever struggled for words, or lost your concentration? Most of us will experience mental fatigue and memory lapses from time to time. Keeping your mind stimulated can help keep your mind sharp, and the 13 active ingredients and 7 x B vitamins in our Smart Complex are proven to sharpen the mind even more.

My Soul

Peaceful mind represents a fulfilled Soul. BIYOMA is on a mission to guide & inspire YOU to a healthy Truth — one where YOU you look & feel amazing! To prevent illness and fight it, we can go further by boosting immunity with our Immunity complex, featuring grass-fed / purest bovine Colostrum from Europe.

The team at BIYOMA has carefully selected ingredients that proved their worth. The supplements helped improve targeted bodily functions compared with any baseline.

— Mark Bernard, PhD & MD

Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics

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Here, at BIYOMA, we have developed, implemented and aim for the highest food supplement manufacturing standards in EU. That's how we know, that we offer the BEST besides the fact, that all our products are unique, trademark & original.

Thank you everybody,

First and foremost we would like to thank you for all the 💕 Love, support & feedback we receive. We are together in this Journey and it's a pleasure to share, help, inspire, motivate and transform YOU into BETTER, HEALTHIER, more VIBRANT, BEAUTIFUL and HAPPIER YOU! 🙏🏼😊 Feel free to get in touch with us if you need anything.

"Nice to meet you, let's make self-care simple with BIYOMA!"

Smart Complex is the best brain & memory enhancer I have ever encountered! My productivity & focus is at 150%!

Adam McMiller, London

I've received Digestion Complex as a gift and I must admit - it works wonders, I am extremely thankful and relieved!

Jess Steiner, Berlin

My joints and skin are happier than ever thanks to Beauty Complex! Stronger nails and smooth skin - win win for me.

Francesca Bianchi, Paris