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"Luxury of Life within a balanced body."

Convenience and function guide our feeling of content — self-loving individuals who take care of their bodies, minds not any less than of their souls. With natural ingredients collected from nutritiously blessed plants, our essential compounds fit effortlessly into the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Hence our attitude to support self-care — to produce essentials carrying an origin of nature, function, and integrity towards the promotion of general well-being.

While we deeply believe in the value of a nutritious diet, we believe in convenience, too. Anything that prevents you from enjoying being you, to us, is unacceptable. That’s why we make dietary supplements that boost your efforts in activity, diet and in mental capability.

The entire range of products contain activated, highly-therapeutic ingredients to deliver optimal bio-availability and to ensure that nutrients are ready to be absorbed by our bodies. Every herb, vitamin and superfood in our formulae is carefully selected. We are committed to producing products free of GMO, artificial additives, as well as to sourcing natural ingredients that work. The handpicked compounds are proven to be effective, safe and reliable. While creating our products, we are strongly focused to surpass the highest European manufacturing and safety standards. Therefore, we do not test on animals and keep our vegan friends in mind.

Within the depth of our name the essence of life is carried. To a life lived well, nurture your body with Biyoma essentials of choice that suit that carefully practiced life of yours.

Perfection in SELECTION

Excellence in FORMULATION

Synergy with SCIENCE

Competitive and DEDICATED

"And after all of this is said and done, BIYOMA works wonders."

Thank you BIYOMA for your great products! Me and my family are super thankful!

Alex Martin, Oslo

Your honest support, help and guidance has helped me along my Journey! Thank YOU!

Laura Biel, Milan

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